Gmod these days


Oh god I love this.

I found this child’s Steam Account and filed a Violation Report. I posted a link of the video to the comment session and clicked sent. I hope you don’t mind.

There’s just something about children playing gmod like this that I will always find hilarious.

I added him, if he accepts it I’m going to paste the video. I hope somebody hasn’t already done that.

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I just pasted the url in all of his screenshots because he didn’t make those private. 2cool5scool

OP’s just mad that someone caught him talking about his dad’s penis :v:

“i like assholes”

This is gonna be fun.

Heh, gmod is a giant pile of Legos. There are many kids who just put together random crap, and then there are us, the people who build imperial destroyers out of little parts.

And it was like this ever since early gmod, not just “these days”.
Don’t be too mean to him, it’s just a kid. No brain, no common sense, but he’ll learn…

It’s just that since the gm13 update, it seems that the vast majority of players who “build star destroyers out of little parts” have moved on, and the kids have taken over.

“These days”?

what have i done

Look what you did, you little jerk

[sp] home alone reference[/sp]