GMOD: Those Server Days...(trailer)

Thank you for taking the time to view this page so ill get straight to the point

This is a trailer to the new series my clan is creating,were looking for reviews,comments,opinions

Were also looking for more cast and voice actors(with or with out mics) cause the series is featuring regular daily events that happen in a garrysmod server so a large amount of players are wanted

join our steam group or add me on steam for further news/updates on filming time and any addons you may need

steam group:

my steam page:

filming may start on the 11/25/2010 or 11/26/2010

45 second intro text needs to go

Yea intro text is to long. Also the voice could of been better, hard to understand. But other from that looks pretty good.

thanx were gonna shorten the intro and do a better voicing if anyone wants to join or help just say so