Gmod to SFM porting (Models warped)

Hi, I ported some gmod models to sfm and some came out fine, but some of them came out warped.

For example this is what she’s supposed to look like

And yet this is how she came out in SFM

As you can see the neck/shoulders got all funky. Anyone know why this happens and/or how I can fix it? Or if not anyone willing to try to port them correctly for me? I have the files ready for dl. Thanks!

Looks like a rigging problem to me. Maybe some parts of the model were rigged to wrong bones and they look crazy.

Well that is how she spawns in, before a rig is applied, and applying a rig leaves her that way :confused:

I figured it out in case anyone else has this problem, and it’s a very simple fix: the spine and clavicle bones were all misplaced, so just select each one and default them and the model comes together :slight_smile: