Gmod toolgun without deriving from sandbox

Any way to get the toolgun without deriving from sandbox?

You mean, to have the toolgun in other gamemodes aswell? Like spacebuild, stranded and the others?

I’m making a gamemode derived from base, and I want the toolgun in it.
Unfortunately it only works if the gamemode is sandbox-derived.

No, those all derive from sandbox.

Just try copying the gmod_tool folder from sandbox/entities/weapons to your own gamemode.

ply:Give(“gmod_tool”) should work fine, however the tools may not function correctly without sandbox.

gmod_tool is a SWEP for sandbox.

And only sandbox.

Do NOT try bringing the gmod_tool out of sandbox, trust me. Shit hits the fan, there are tons of other things you must consider like effects, controls, and several global functions only found in Sandbox.

Just derive from sandbox and disable things like the spawn menu if you don’t want it, there are ways to do so.