Gmod Tools missing when i install a new addon to server

Gmod Tools missing when i install a new addon to server

can anyone tell me why this happens ?


What’s the addon? Are you getting any errors?

Thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile:

i just bought this from coderhire…

and i have also tried it with other addons and it does the same thing…


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also no script errors that i can see in the console ^^

If it works with no addons, then one of your addons is causing the issue. Remove them all, and add them one by one until you find the issue.

Or you have too many addons…

is their a limit on addons and if so can i make the limit higher ?

They host my server, opened a ticket with them…

You can’t make it higher, if your addons use hundreds or thousands of lua files, you better remove them.
If you have over 50 addons, this is probably the case. ( Or if you add any other addon with same amount of files )

Make sure you aren’t using M9K; it uses about 1,000+ files.

if i have workshop files downloaded in a .gma file inside the garrys mod folder…

do i still need to use Gmad extractor and add the file in ?

You shouldn’t be modifying .gma’s.

i mean i have the .gma files in garrysmod/addons,

and the folders i extracted from gmad extractor

do i need the folders and .gma file ?
or just .gma files ?

Just the .gma files as long as you are using +host_workshop_collection.