Gmod Tools not working/showing up.

Basically what the title says, I’ve downloaded some tools like the stand pose tool and bodygroup changer tools/Tools for Ragdoll posing, But for some reason they’re not showing up ingame, they were showing up a couple of days ago but my half life 2/episodes content was laggy so i decided to opt into the Steampipe beta again, but once i had opted into the betas, verified Gmod and started the game, i loaded a map and found that my tools were missing.

So i verified again although it didn’t work, then i uninstalled the game, Re installed but no avail.

It’s quite strange that they are not working now.

I’m having the exact same issue. I’ve gone so far as to unsubscribe from, and then resubscribe to, all of my addons. Tried this in and out of game, restarted steam, etc. No clue.

Quick edit: I am not participating in any dev versions of gmod.

Workshop is having issues right now, seems to be an issue on Valve’s side…

I’ll wait it out then, Thanks a bunch for your help.