GMod Top Sites

Hey everyone!

This is just a small project but hopefully will become popular. I know there was another one previously but I don’t recall it being all that good, we’re hoping this will be better and if you have feedback or suggestions please post it here or e-mail us.

We have added 2 categories which are below, if you have any ideas for more please let us know!

GMod Communities and GMod related (for download sites etc), feel free to add yours! Each user will get their own control panel with the code you need to put on your site, it’s pretty simple.

Hope you will all use it and enjoy it, please don’t abuse it :stuck_out_tongue:

No we did not code this, it is a top sites script, there are many of them on google.

Quite sexy and looking good :D.

Does have the potential to become big. :slight_smile:

I will see if i can get JokerIce added soon, Thanks.
Oh well we really needed something to replace the old GMod Top 100 site that went down.
Good Work Looking Good.

Why thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done, now add yours :stuck_out_tongue:

hurrr there was a PHP error.

And you didn’t even code this. Good job


Come on.

Where did we say we coded it? Please direct me to that sentence…

I said we’d been working on it, meaning, we’re working on the site… we changed some stuff etc etc etc, I never said we coded it. Please find someone else to troll, we’re trying to help out.

If you have any constructive genuine feedback then we’ll consider it, it’s been online a few hours, obviously it’s not flawless.

It was assumed, you just took some script and skinned it.

Yep indeed, now move along.


Disregard the fact that this site is just a re-skinned script.



Nah still can’t.


I’m still waiting for approval on GME.

It wasn’t a request, it was an instruction. If you can’t follow it, don’t bother posting in this thread.

I added mine <3

Disco can you please upload your banner from another site as it’s banned for porn/warez or some crap (From photobucket)

Or give me a link here and I will add it for you.
Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes as I said in my first post. Hopefully that won’t happen and if so, well it was worth a try anyway for a bit of fun. No loss to anyone else but me so oh well :slight_smile:

Porn, really? Wow.
Ok, I changed it.

Need more people to add theirs :slight_smile:

If you sign up please don’t forget to put the button on your site so your page views are counted :stuck_out_tongue: