Gmod: Total War

So this is a very very experimental idea that I would like to try out. This is going to (hopefully) be a long term “forum game” type thing, so bear with me here.

Here’s the deal:

First things first, you all need to make your own nation. Describe the region in which it belongs, its biome, whatever the hell you guys feel like. However, there are certain things that are required:

I will be accepting 10 of the best nations. You rate

for the ones you think are the best, and

for whichever ones you don’t like. Whenever there is a clear top 10, the war shall begin. I will make a map to show each nation’s location, and then we will have movement, attack, diplomacy, and trade phases. These phases will be combined into a single turn, and when everyone has finished the turn, I will proceed to recreate exactly what happened in a Gmod Video. This process may take a while, so it is highly likely that the thread may be dormant for a couple of weeks. But the video is done, I will post it and start the next turn. (This might be done in a shorter timespan if I have a weekend available. Damn school.) :v:

Like I said, this will be long term, so bear with me.

Shit, I like the idea. I’ll whip up something.

imma make a new race.

Thanks. I would whip something up as well, but there would be some sort of natural bias there. Plus, it’s that much extra work to do.

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By the way, something I forgot, one part of diplomacy is also assassination, so I need to know what model your leader will use. I will figure out a way to fairly do assassination. It will probably have to do with some sort of statistic based on skill and random chance. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

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Nice. Do you know which models I could use to represent them? The videos will feature intense battle sequences that will most likely kill the majority of my hard drive.

Yes I can try and find one.

Thank you, that will help a lot.

Nation: New California Republic

Leader: President Aaron Kimball

Nation’s Flag: Shown Below

Climate/Biome: Desert Wasteland

Form of Government: Democratic Republic

These are members of the 1st Recon Battalion, NCR’s elite reconnaissance and sniper unit.

Nation: United tribes of Kergil

Leader: Chieftain Josil Sirth

Nation’s Flag: Shown below

Climate/Biome: Frozen tundra, snowy mountain ranges

Form of Government: Tribal ranking.
Southern tribesmen[/thumb]

Northern tribesmen

Wait a sec, I swear that Espionage Wars thread was something like this.

yeah, except in EW you’ve got essentially limitless resources because it’s meant to be more like a framework for persistent stories about factions, whereas this is more like an actual game

I’ll make something for this in a second

Another difference is that… did anyone post anything on Espionage Wars yesterday?

I might too. However I don’t know whether to use my EW faction as it is, make some changes to it, or just build a new faction from scratch.

-really fucking big snip.-

Woah, I go to sleep for one minute, and POW!!! Content!

Thanks guys. to make things easier, whenever the top 10 are voted upon, I’ll request download links for all required models (although I think I can figure out where to get the TF2 models.) :v:

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Also, I got ahold of an external hard drive, so making the videos will NOT kill my computer. :v:

expect quality beyond this:

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What are you talking about? Perhaps you could link me to what it is you are referring to?


[release]1. The Ghost People of the Sierra
2. There is no official leader, yet they look up to more domineering ghosts.

  1. They keep within damp, dark areas.
  2. No known kind of government, equality, if that.

Aaaaw… I was going to use the ghost people…

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Faction Name: TowerLight™


Type of Government: Dictatorship

Climate/Biome: Small Cities, Woodland areas.


Small Description: When TowerLight was first founded it was a medium sized Private Military Contractor, since then it has grown to be a decently large militia, occupying mainly towns and woodland areas. They will also fight under anyone’s flag… for a high price though.

Behaviour: TowerLight personnel are decently passive unless provoked.

Here’s some pictures of TowerLight.

Like a card that shows what all the current ToweLight personnel looks like and what divisions they fall under except the Artillery Soldiers (The guys with the brodie helmets and flak jackets)

And here’s the download link :3

  1. Black Desent

  2. Damian Arenstis

  3. National Flag

  1. Large urban city/jungle “Black Grid”

  2. Form of government: Democracy

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…The Fuck is with all the Dumbs? I have a GOOD Idea, with a Fairly Decent Army Structure. IT’S NOT THAT BAD, DICKS.


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