GMod tower doesn't work

when ever it joins when im inside the gmod it says “the server is full and you are not returning from another server” and when im at my desktop and it joins it says “connection failed after 4 retries”

the game is full, and someone beat you to joining

but it says that every time i join EVERY TIME

Because someone beats you every time.

I have auto-retry on so that I join as soon as a slot opens up. Nothing yet, but there’s currently 82/80 players there.
Fraction fail.

Auto join doesnt work.

Auto join refreshes every 10 seconds, and there are 200 people trying to join the server right now.
If you get in through auto join, you’re lucky as hell.

Reserve slots :v:

how? :v:

no you can make it check every 1 second just press auto join on and then press refresh once with your mouse and then keep pressing spacebar as fast as you can

Have a look at the dates, and then have a look at the number of players in GMT.