[Gmod tower]Gmod crashed, returning to deskstop

This really happened to me :,(



NOTE: you will see some character are bad posed because i fast posed due to auto-joign the server

I don’t get it.

I sorta lol’d. The posing could be a bit more realistic though.

This happened one time on gmod lobby and another time while joigning gamemode

I’ve always wanted to try the server but its always full

I got in, but all entertainment things inside were full, so there was nothing to do.

Sounds like a REALLY weak server, if you ask me.

it says there is 68 out of 60 people how is that

reserved slots lol.


may i edit the second pic please?

These are players from gamemodes servers

You can go between servers in the lobby server. You can return to the lobby server even if it’s full.