GMod Tower - Lobby 2 mirror?

Ever since GMOD tower closed down, all the downloads related to it died aswell. Does anyone have a mirror to this really pretty map?

I was actually gonna post a thread about this, too. Someone needs to bring back this map, maybe for a sandbox or RP mode. It would need some fixing up, though; back when the map still existed I tried opening it in Sandbox mode and a lot of stuff like the Ferris Wheel and doors for the suites etc. were missing; apperentley they were designed to only work in the Gmod Tower gamemode when connected to their servers.

Totally support this map coming back in some form.

Okay so,

I have all the content, .bsp, including a .vmf
I actually wanted to make an edit of the Lobby 2 map into a roleplay/sandbox scenario, just the time… I don’t have enough time and I don’t think pixelTail would be positive with us just sharing their work without permission on workshop, since the lobby2 addon got taken out for legal reasons and that it’s Tower unite’s lobby. If anyone wants to take the responsibility and put time into this, PM me and I can upload you all the content you need.

Brightness you don’t appear to have Private Messaging enabled.

Enable PMs, Brightness, and I’ll hit you with a message.

Fixed, Sorry about that.

Sent you a PM.

Sent you all the content in PMs , If anyone missed it, here are the links


If not the entire map,I hope at least key areas like the condos and the beach can be remade as standalone maps

EDIT: Tried the version posted above, the big “Gmod Tower” logo in the center of the plaza is missing.

I got both the content and map, whats the map labelled as? (EDIT: I removed the map and put it in the maps folder, i’m trying it out. It didn’t add the map to my map list after I put it in the maps folder)

gmod tower had the nicest maps i have ever seen in the source engine. they really went above and beyond with it.

Does anybody think it will be easier that these maps will be on gmod workshop

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