GMod Tower Open Beta
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After shutting down on January 1st, 2012, I’m proud to announce that GMod Tower is back once again and better than ever. Today we have launched our public beta and it is now fully available to everyone who has a copy of Garry’s Mod. We have also released a new gamemode, Zombie Massacre, a top-down zombie arcade shooter frenzy. You can view the gamemode’s new trailer below.

What is GMod Tower?
GMod Tower is a project that combines many different genres of gamemodes together into one central hub, the lobby. GMod Tower, as a lobby, features personal suites, tons of player customizations, store full of interesting items, theater, arcades, events/parties, achievements and milestones, and lots of other great things for you to enjoy with your friends.

So What’s New With Tower?
We have made an entire page dedicated to all the changes that have occurred. You can visit this page at:

Among those changes, there is also a massive changelog from April 12, 2012 till today.

To sum it up for you we have:

  • A new gamemode, Zombie Massacre
  • 12+ new maps for gamemodes
  • New UI and look
  • Tons of bug fixes
  • New items, such as the Playable Piano and Bone modifications
  • New features, such as improved third person, better theater support
  • Lots of game balancing and tweaks for all of our gamemodes
  • Better, timelier support and project tracking
  • New sounds, achievements, and effects
  • Clean up of useless stuff
  • Easier to install content

A Little Something For Those That Remember GMT
I’m sure you all remember GMod Tower, you know, the lobby based gamemode that featured different other gamemodes all interconnected together to form a unique experience on GMod. Since the shut down, we have been completely changing the experience. The gamemode is no longer plagued by the issues of the past. We do not tolerate admin abuse, we don’t support/allow any misconduct by our staff, we don’t give out items to random people, and a lot of other terrible previous things don’t exist on the server and are not done to the server. We have cleaned up all the bullshit. Our goal is to provide a good experience for every person. Including all the above, we have reset our entire database, meaning you will have to start from scratch again. However this time, it will be a better experience, and thus, more fun.

Okay, So How Do I Play?
You’ll need to download the content, available on After downloading all the content, you can connect to our servers via the IP: -or-

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you all in GMod Tower once again!

but does it have elevators?

I just played Zombie Massacre. It’s totally awesome.

I really wish this was more successful when it was first released. It just wasn’t as polished and complete as it should have been.

Good luck this time around, gonna try it out.

Are pre-closure bans still in effect?

Appears I’m not banned never mind.

Oh god yes.

I fucking loved gmod tower. I found out about it only a couple months before it died but it was still kickass as fuck.

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Awwwww you reset all the items and stuff…

played it until 9/10 people where giant admin miku hatsunes noclipping around spamming props and killing everyone with rocket launchers

Please refer to the bottom of this page.

I am going to hazard a guess that jetpacks are still in right?

I am redownloading the files right now…

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They were my one of my favorite things. How you could jetpack up and access a secret store with a portal prop for your room.

The new scoreboard is visually appealing, easy to use and navigate, and most of all informative.

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I just crashed while afk browsing the GMT forums. I was on the ball race server.

When they brought GMT back to life, they got rid of all the “priv admins” and such. Also, now the admins are much better and non-abusive. So basically it’s no longer like that at all.

This is probably the sexiest gamemode in gmod. I never really liked standing around in a lobby though.

It should do what it didn’t do last time and actually connect the community rather then just existing as a lobby. Make links to other communities and become a hub rather then just being a massive empty space.

Use your idea to create some function rather then just having it and doing nothing with it. That was the main reason it failed last time.

This looks seriously awesome.

Glad to see it’s back again, if I get the time tonight I’ll definitely check it out.

I’ve been following this for a while, can’t wait to go back from my vacation to go join the beta.

I’ve got a problem where if I try to play a video on my TV or walk into the theater, my game crashes. It worked the first time I played yesterday, but now it crashes every time.

how do you do this

Featuring maps by me(!)


Ignore the fact that half of them are broken, I was camping

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Disabling hardware acceleration in Flash settings will get rid of these undesired effects.

I don’t like the privacy of this gamemode but I’ll still give it a try.