Gmod Tower THread (Take 4)


The third gmod tower thread has been filled for a whopping 3,000 posts altogether on the subject of release.
(And if it isn’t it will be soon…)

Anyways, post here to talk about it some more. No doubt this one will get filled as well…

EDIT: WOAH WHAT? Since when did they change the 1000 post count?!

It’s not getting closed for whatever reason. Maybe some mod made it that way.

Oh well… when that one fills I guess… What happened to the post count?

I thought it was 5,000

Delete this message please.

What’s insane is the amount of icons you have on your quickbar :3

What’s more insane is that you’re using shitty IE.

What’s the GMT queue server do and why do I never establish a connection to it.

Thats not a real Queue server :sax:

Am a coder. I need all those icons for quick launch. Like dedicated servers, vmex decompiler, notepad++, guistudiomodeller D: and to the guy below you, Why are you caring about that?

Not really sure why you would need the decompiler…

Doesn’t matter anyways. I’m used to lots of quick launch icons.

To decompile maps and steal others work.

Gmod Tower is so damn hard to join.

I never never understood, what is the gameplay goal of Gmod Tower?

Nothing, it’s a social thing.

Post count was 2002 for the last thread so we are here now.

@ Hemroid _man in old thread:


Oh god im dieng inside

Server just died :frowning:

Fuck i came back from ballrace at a timeout period.