Gmod Tower Tutorial and Gamemodes!

Check out some of the new features of the Spring Map Update in Gmod Tower for Garry’s Mod!

Watch on Youtube:
or below:

Gmod Tower Website (download, forum and help):

you already made a thread about this

I know, this was meant to be an update post, cause additional new episodes are released, but I couldn’t find it, and looking through my posts didn’t work for some reason! :S

well i mean its not like its good

Well that’s your opinion! :wink:

how about instead of just uploading raw footage you actually make a tutorial that can be 5 mins long instead of 33 min long individual episodes

It’s a good idea, and will probably appeal to some people, considering it’s shorter, but it’s just the way we did it.

well the way you did it was lazy and its kinda obvious you put no effort into it and just stop

It’s not about the effort really. It’s just a video for fun that shows what Gmod Tower is, and by the looks of it, has helped a couple of people. But I guess you’re right in your own harsh way. I appreciate the feedback! :wink:

okay well i guess you dont care so i’ll let you enjoy your 1k views

It’s not even close to 1k views yet, but thanks I guess. So negative

its not negative if you’re being a complete idiot going

“pfft quit being so discouraging its your opinion man :))))))))”

Was that what I said? No, I said ‘‘Well that’s your opinion ;)’’
And that’s true, it’s your opinion, considering you don’t have the rights to label something as ‘‘good’’ or ‘‘bad’’. And if you don’t like the video, why stay here? :S

And? :stuck_out_tongue:
What is your point?

  1. You are negative. You haven’t really given any impression of having watched the video, and yet you label it as ‘‘bad’’ without any good reasoning, other than it being long (which I agree is a con considering it’s meant to be a tutorial).
  2. I have made some valid points and feedback which I have taken into consideration for future tutorial-ish videos.
  3. For the last time, it is you’re opinion, as you have no right to label anything other than for yourself. Some people have enjoyed these videos, and found them helpful.
    Anything else? Anything you want to quote? You do realise that by keep replying, you are getting this thread on the top, giving it more views = giving my video more view. Brilliant idea Death_God! :wink:


  1. you’re an idiot i guess i dont need to make that clear

  2. if i wanted to spend 40 minutes watching both the videos i wouldnt because about 3/4 of it consists of a really boring lets play and virtually no teaching at all

  3. gmtower doesn’t even need a tutorial since it’s really easy to learn in less than a day

  4. you have made absolutely no points except for ‘its your opinion’ and ‘quit being so negative’ and using stupid emoticons to make it seem like you’re just joking around

  5. you’re an idiot

  6. you pretty much joined just to advertise a lets play labeled as a tutorial

  7. it may be my opinion but if you keep disregarding any criticism whether good or bad as someones opinion you’re just gonna make these videos even worst than they are

  8. you’re an idiot

Well, I should have guessed you were nothing but a troll, but here we go anyway!

  1. You say I’m the one not taking this seriously, yet you just called me idiot in 3 of your points without explaining why, and thinking that emoticons have anything with being serious or not.

  2. I see lots and lots of people asking ‘‘what to do’’ and such, and considering some people found our video helpful, you’re argument is invalid. And for starters, the video was meant to be for fun and just so that our subs could see us play it, but we thought we’d do a ‘‘tutorial’’ cause I was explaining it to my friend Ryan aswell.

  3. I didn’t say stop being negative, I just said that you are being negative, that’s all. So as far as making points, you are making none yourself my friend.

  4. I guess you could call this advertisement in a way, but considering people post Garry’s Mod videos here, I thought I could do the same, and atleast a couple of people would enjoy it.

  5. You are just giving more and more spotlight to my thread, thanks! :smiley:

oh and 9) you keep claiming that all this hate is getting u mor fames!!!
10) you’re an idiot im done go die pls or leave facepunch

Yea, that post just made it more clearly. You’re either a troll being caught on the act, or a massive knobhead. I too wish to end this ridiculous and childish ‘‘discussion’’, but with a better conclusion, then I’m off to bed!

  1. This video is clearly meant for people who haven’t played Gmod Tower, or doesn’t understand it. It’s also meant for our earlier subs, who requested that we took a look, and cause we record most things we do anyway.

  2. You happened to come across me and this video twice, and just labeled it as bad (even though I doubt you watched the entire thing), and me an idiot. Keep thinking that baseless name calling will win your discussions.

  3. Yet again, thanks for keeping this thread at the top! :smiley:

Step 1 to sounding like a tool on the internet: If someone doesn’t like your stuff or agree with you, they’re just pretending to!!!