GMod Tower video player help

Hey, I’m having problems with gmod tower. No matter how long I have been in the tower, none of the TVs or theaters show anything. It’s making me sad because everyones having a good time without me. I could get this movie player to work on my own server:

But gmod tower just shows black nothingness.

Do you have the latest version of Flash for your internet browser(s)?
Did you install the GMT client pack using GMT Updater or using SVN?

I just updated it on internet explorer and if I can load it in my own server, I don’t see why that should be a problem. And yes, I installed it using SVN.

Personally, I’d recommend using GMT Updater, just so we know that installing isn’t the problem.

GMT update corrupts the folder for me, I use tortoise because it works right.

Fixed it. Apparently you can’t install using tortoise, so I just installed it on another computer with the official installer and moved it over.