GMod Tower ?

Hey !

I would like to ask you why isn’t GMod tower on the workshop ? :frowning:
ANd also Could anyone help me to found this awesome map ? :slight_smile:

It’s really sad that they put away GMT it was the best map, no one could do better…

It isn’t there anymore because there is now:

Yes but I mean can’t I try the gmod map ? :confused:

No, they shut it down and nobody else had access to GMTower’s server files.

I think he means the lobby map they used which was still on the workshop but appears to have been removed in the past week.

Everything that was left on the workshop got removed a while back after I made this thread:

Macdguy is a bit of an odd one isn’t he. Specially since technically they don’t own the copyright of their assets, technically valve owns their asets.

I am just asking for the map guys ha ha :smiley:

Well, if you could read, you’d know that you can’t get it anymore.

why wouldn’t they have legal ownership over their own models, materials and code?

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(excluding gmod / hl2 assets and ripped models obviously)

Basically, if you download something from the workshop, you are granted the same permissions as the copyright holder, even if the copyright holder then removes it from the workshop, if you are doing it non-comericially, as stated in 2.G

Not 100% correct, Valve and the downloaders have the right to use, reproduce, modify etc. etc., but they are not the owner. Also it states a condition: “[…] in connection with the operation, distribution and promotion of the Steam service, Steam games or other Steam offerings.”. I interpret it as that you are only allowed to use them in connection with Steam services like Steam games.

That makes a difference because you are not allowed to say you’re the owner when you download things. Also as a owner you are not bound to the agreement for yourself (so your not bound on the “in connection with” sentence).

However besides all that law stuff, I found something funny yesterday in Gmod:
I’m still subscribed to one of the addons of GMT. And in the description the GMT Team clearly stated, that when you use the content for purposes outside of GMT, you have to give credit.
That means, they even explicitly gave the permission to use this. So I’m not sure why Macdguy said in the thread in TU forums that it’s morally incorrect to use it for other purposes, when he or one of the content creator have stated in the past (by the workshop description) that you can use it.