GMOD Trailer - The Illusive Onlooker

The first trailer I’ve ever made using Garry’s Mod.

Please tell me what you think in the comments section. I would appreciate any feedback, tips or advice either on this thread or preferably on the video itself.

Btw - This doesn’t actually exist, it was just for fun…

Very nice.

Not bad at all.

Thanks :smiley:

for christs sake.

Wrong section.

Where should it be?

Pretty cool, I liked it.

‘‘people never really notice things that re right under their noses, right watson?’’

Ahh. Nobody sees that though :smiley:

That’s not what i meant… I meant nobody sees the threads on that forum.

too bad

Guys, the title of this forum is “Screenshots and Movies”. Everyone seems to forget that.

… people check the video section…a lot of dots…

Yeah the videos subforum is just for display :downs:

movies are videos aren’t they?

That’s what I thought :smiley:

It’s unnecessary.

it’s to keep the videos and screenshots seperated

my point

your head