Gmod Translator

I need to show this to my server owner friend badly.
We get a lot of people like Dizla described.

Does this work with special characters? Because when you put special characters like korean into normal chat, they become boxes, try it.

No it does not, gmod just doesnt have the characters.

Someone shold make a module for it :slight_smile:

already been made, look up gm_memleak. Then require the module and make it leak 100 mb and you will have the special chars.


Could you please explain for the less technically minded people i.e. me how to “Throw this into a file”
thank you,

You should probably check the last post date on a post before posting on it.
You kinda bumped a 4 year old topic.

Actually, it’s great that he bumped it, I never knew this thing even existed!

Yeah Im also glad he bumped it, really good server side add-on! :goodjob:

Could you add support for the russian language to be translated, if not could someone just tell me what to add to the code to allow this as I dont fully understand it!


So can you add literally any language from the google translate?

	langs["english"] = "en"
	langs["spanish"] = "es"
	langs["german"] = "de"
	langs["french"]	= "fr"
        -- Can't you add more languages here?

Would this even still work? It seems there’s a paywall behind the Google Translate API now.

All these company’s adding shitty payments just to use an API

this still possibly works or could potentially work again

Translating hello to french

Maybe there’s another translator API to use for free?"..translateapikey.."&lang="..from.."-""&text="…text

this will return a json table (jsontotable)

You just have to sign up for the api key

Though i believe this still works as intended anyways