GMod Trenches


1)I have found some WWII weapons from dod for the gamemode

2)I have a srcds up, FOR MY BETA TESTERS (Friends), but will put it up when I am finished.

Thank You,
Sergant Gherrad.

I MADE THIS lol just wanted to get this across so u guys aren’t like, “Who made this?”

This isn’t a gamemode release… Well… maybe if you edit it when it’s done but…

Anyway, i’ll help.
To make teams use this.

team.SetUp( 1, "Name", Color( 255, 255, 255, 255 ) )

1 is the number order of team. the name is the name of team, and the color is … the color.

To set their model go in ** init.lua ** and fill this out.

function teammodels( ply )
	if ply:Team() == 1 then

If the player team is 1, then make their model zombie fast.

Please use lua tags

Should this not derive off fretta instead of sandbox?

Ty I’ve been so confused on how to set the teams player model and how to set the numbers for the team menus to work.

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I think that would be better but hasent fretta like… droped in popularity?

I don’t know about dropping in popularity, but this code here:

GM.TeamBased = true					
GM.AllowAutoTeam = true
GM.AllowSpectating = true
GM.SecondsBetweenTeamSwitches = 10
GM.GameLength = 15
GM.RoundLimit = 10					
GM.VotingDelay = 5					
GM.NoPlayerSuicide = false
GM.NoPlayerDamage = false
GM.NoPlayerSelfDamage = false		
GM.NoPlayerTeamDamage = false		
GM.NoPlayerPlayerDamage = false 	
GM.NoNonPlayerPlayerDamage = false 	
GM.NoPlayerFootsteps = false		
GM.PlayerCanNoClip = false			
GM.TakeFragOnSuicide = false	

That’s fretta coding. It won’t do anything if you derive from sandbox.

I know what that is, I already have it now that I derived it from fretta. But there is no time or rounds in the fretta HUD when I play.

Ty guys for helping me now i just need some weapons

If you need help with anything, just PM me. I will try and answer as good as possible.

Ok I will. Oh, and if you want you can PM me for new map ideas and just plain ides ok?

Sure, I will if I can find some ideas.

Oh i have a question about the timer and round thing built into the fretta hud. Its not working?! Y?