Gmod Trouble in Terrorist Town Round End Music

Hey Guys,
As I said I need some help with the Round end Music on my Trouble in Terrorist Server. I already found a lot of Scripts, but no one works for me. If I go to the Steam Workshop and add an addon like this . It works. But I want to add my own music to the Server. I used the GMod Extractor to extract the addon, then I replaced his music with mine. But it doesn’t work. By the way I’m working with filezilla. In which folder I have to put these replaced files?
I hope you understand, what I mean. Hopefully somebody know a solution. If you got question. Feel free to ask!

Thank you

Maik :slight_smile:

Don’t just replace the music files (.mp3 or what ever it is) that most likely wont work.

You will need to look in all of the lua files and see if you need to replace the old songs/sound names with the new ones.

Thanks for the answer. Yeah I replaced the source code. But after this in which folder I have to upload the lua files and in which the sound files?

How did you upload it? did you just use FTP or re-upload it to the workshop? I would suggest re-uploading it to the steam workshop.

It sounds like the the client may not be getting the files download to them.

You can upload it to the sound folder if you want but you will have to setup a fastdl -

If you want to re-upload the workshop you can download gmpu


You’re using FTP sounds like - You can either put it in the addons folder or the sound folder but you will still need to setup fastdl so the players joining can & will receive the files

Yes as you already said, I just uploaded it to my server on Filezilla with my FTP files… I just put the folder in the Addons folder and the sound files in the Sound folder. But if my friend joins to the Server. He has to download these sound files. If I type on my Server “!soundlist” I can see my sounds with their names but I can’t play it. That means the Sounds are on the Server but me and my friends can’t hear these sounds.