gmod troubles

ok well im a little new to gmod and i put some addon guns to the game but every time i shoot a erro block ejects with the shell, what do i need to do to fix it?

Well, before the t,r,o,l,l,s attack, I’ll let you know. It means you are missing content (Garry’s Mod runs using models from other Source engine games), or have mis-installed something, or any number of other things. Make sure to read any info regarding DL’s thoroughly, a good 'Modder will tell you what’s needed for their downloads, or includes it in their pack (IF allowed). Now always, though. Most folks are good about keeping within the realms of the Halflife2’s Orange Box (all the games that came with it).

Speaking of reading, I will GUARANTEE you that you can find all the “Noob” questions answered here on the forums. Serious. Guarantee. PLEASE, before you make a mistake that ends up getting you prematurely banned, read the rules of the forum, and the use the search function at the top of the page. I’m not trying to be rude, I’ve just noticed that the moderators have been doubly vigilant about banning people for making stupid statements and postings bad threads… Just an FYI (in other words, with a little research, you would know the answer to this question, and understand why it is that having posted this question, YET AGAIN (even though it wasn’t you before), could get you banned. You’ve got inexperience on your side this time ;^). Just some friendly advice (seriously).

ok i didnt read everything rising said (no im not a troll, im just lazy) but anyways your problem is with CS:S what you need to do is install and play it at least once, that means actually create or join a server, you can leave once youre fully in the server and then go back to gmod and 99% of the time, that fixes it

I can GUARANTEE that no one in this forum calls trolls “t,r,o,l,l,s.”

Well, first off, I JUST did. Second, I spelled it like that so that anybody or bots searching for the word “troll” wouldn’t find my use of it. I’m not a big troll fan (although I practice a little freelance arguing, if you wish to go there)… Well, ok, the trolls in Fraggle Rock were pretty cool… Oh wait, those were Gorgs. Trolls? No sir, I don’t like 'em.

Attempting to be helpful and answer his question.

You are missing the shells projectiles which are from CS:S which you need to own and have played at least once.