GMOD TTT custom server help?

This is all for GMOD TTT, my custom server. If you need it :).

  1. How to add new weapons to the stock in game store, for traitors?
  2. What’s a good free point shop out there? I was using point shop by _undefined but its buggy to all hell. Maybe the wrong version? How would I install a shop?
  3. How do I add models, and add 'em to the shop?
  4. Not necessary but would be EPIC, how would I make a custom loading screen/with music? I’ve seen so many TTT servers w/ this.
  5. If I add guns to the server, will they AUTOMATICALLY spawn if I make it a non-class table item? (Not a t or d item.)

Thank you guys so much for help ^^ If you can answer only 1, that still a lot :smiley:

I know many will be like “hey fatass mcgee google it” … no rofl, I have for hours and no no prevail. Google h8s gmod.

  5. “SWEP.AutoSpawnable = true” has to be in the item to autospawn.

Also, I doubt you googled anything because I used google to get all of the above…
Either way, hope this helped.

god damnit, 5 hrs of google when 10 mins =- this… rofl ty so much

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one question, so far, how do i actually install point shop? what dirs?

You add it into the server’s addons folder.

In the image above I show you my basic server files and outlined where to put it. Just put the entire Pointshop folder in it.