GMOD TTT FastDL problem

Hi… so I think I have a bad settings of lua files (autorun/server/…lua) because when I join to server it starts download files only when I copy files(models/materials) to the server foler gamemodes/terrortown/content/models… and when I connect to the server there is error on models… so I looked at my garrys mod(game) folders… and there are no downloaded files… I tried to copy files to garrys mod (game) folders and then I joined to server and it works… so pls help

Look for errors in your client developer console just after connect, should show download errors

there are no errors… btw when friend was connected he download my models correctly… and all works for him…interesting…

Type the following in the console

clear;developer 4;download_debug 1

then join the server, wait for the downloads, and disconnect as soon as you’re in (to preserve the console.) The issues should be highlighted in red text.

Where have you been Banana?!

Also here’s a helpful link for the fastDL: