Gmod TTT point shop weapons good or bad idea?

so I been wondering if adding weapons to pointshop is good idea. I know that after a while you dont have anything to do with pointshop so I was thinking of adding additional weapons that I dont have on my server and put them in point shop these weapons would be as strong as the weapons found on ground but they would be unique(weapons that are not standard for the gmod ttt like famas) so is this a good idea to add weapons to point shop or not really? peoples opinions are welcome.

What do you mean by ‘unique’ exactly?

I will make sure to edit my post to make that more clear. Well You know weapons like scout/huge/m16 they can be acquired just by running around the map since you can find them lying just about anywhere but weapons such as famas which are custom weapons dont have those spawners unless you set them to be there. So I mean ones that are not standard for the gmod ttt. Examples famas/gali/automatic shotgun

I honestly think that the whole pointshop idea on a TTT server is a poor excuse to keeping your server populated with
people (who stay to get points) because you can’t come up with anything else to keep your players interested.
Equipment also ruins the “Everybody looks the same” aspect of the gamemode.

If you’re talking about the traitor/detective -credit- store then I’m sorry, disregard my little rant.

Other than that, more weapons = more variety, I don’t see why that can be a hard decision to make as long as the weapons are well balanced.

I have to disagree. Accessories make you stand out more. people will remember you as that guy that always wears the ushanka hat it gives a bit to your character. Bit like in mmorpg what makes them so fun is that everyone playing is looking different.

Also this is completely offtopic i was talking about weapons in pointshop as purchasable way of getting guns just like in the old counter strike. Im not talking about guns that 1 shot people but just average guns.

“KOS THE GUY WITH A SOMBRERO AND A NYAN CAT TRAIL” Is what I meant by the “Everybody looks the same” aspect of TTT.

Sorry for getting a little off topic there. If you host a server you should ask your players instead, but I don’t see why not. It’s not like it hasn’t been done before. If you’re asking this question it most likely means you think it’s a good idea so go ahead and do it, have some fun or something like that.

ofc I ask the players but best way to make a solid choice is by comparing plenty of opinions.

on the side I hate trails they reveal your location and are annoying never use them or add them at all. Sombrero = you are a traitor even if you arent;d cuz only traitors wear one;D