Gmod TTT Server Freeze on Linux

For some reason, my server likes to randomly freeze and drop everyone from the game. I have a script that will check if the server is responding and if it’s not, it will restart it. However, I would like to get to the root of the problem. Now, because it freezes instead of crashing, I don’t get any dump files to analyze. Are there any other methods to figuring out this issue that I could use? From watching it’s resources during a freeze, I’ve noticed that it spikes to the point where it is taking up 100% of the CPU core that it is using if that helps.

I have the same issue on my TTT server hosted on a Ubuntu Linux. This doesn’t happen often for me so I’ve just left it there.

Anyway, I think we should get to the bottom of this, first lets find out what our systems have in common.

  1. Linux distro & version. I have Ubuntu Server 12.04.03 LTS 64-bit
  2. SRCDS version. You can find it in a file called “steam.inf” in the root of your server. I have 13.07.05, pretty outdated, so I should probably update and see if that helps, although I have made modifications to the TTT base files which will probably be overwritten so I have to make backups of those first.
  3. TTT version. Your server will tell you in chat. I run version 2013-07-28.
  4. Do you by chance have -condebug enabled at all times?

I’ll run some updates and see if that helps, although this problem only occurs like once per week for me, so this will be a long debug period for us.

We appear to be running the same version of Ubuntu Linux, the same SRCDS version, and the same TTT version. I do not have -condebug enabled at all times, but I have it enabled now to see if that would show me anything. Sadly, it doesn’t show me anything helpful. How popular is your server? Mine has people on just about all the time and I get at least one crash a day.

I’m running 36 slot, usually have ~25 players on when this crash happens.

I’m almost 100% sure that our issue is that we have a half broken version of SRCDS and/or TTT. I’m going to do backups of my files and launch an update.

You should too.

I’ve experienced my crashes at any number of people from 3 to 32. I’m also pretty sure that the we are using the most current versions of SRCDS and TTT.

13.07.05 is an update that was released 5th of July 2013.

I know, I think that was the last time it was updated. How are you updating and getting all of your game files? I am using SteamCMD to get all the server files.

SteamCMD of course.