Gmod TTT server minium spec

my com puter is 1.7GHz Quad-Core processor and 2GByte RAM , xubuntu

can run?

i will run only server in this computer


The RAM is a bit low, but will work, depending on the number of players you have.

yes it will def run make sure u dedotate enough ram to the server

what is dedotate ?


It depends on the server your running whether these specs will be enough.

It will work.

It’ll run but I’d say that 2.5 Ghz+ would be better.

1.7 GHz Quad Core + 2 GB will run fine.
My 18 Slot TTT runs on a Dual Core VPS at 2 GHZ/Core and 4 GB RAM, but it’s only using 30% Processor and 500 megs of ram.

Yeah, maybe a lil bit better CPU but that should be good.