GMod TTT Server Model Errors

Hello this is my first post here, but I do need some help.

Using ElpisHost to host a TTT server, everything has always been fine.

However, in a recent decision among some friends; we changed the server to prophunt and murder for a while.

After switching the server back to TTT, some of the weapon models were now errors.

Yes, the server does have workshop collections for each gamemode. Also, we were still subscribed to them all manually.

What’s the deal with the errors all of a sudden?

Are they custom weapons or the default CSS weapons?

They are custom weapons

Can you post the link to your workshop collection, and your resource.AddWorkshop file?

Here is the workshop collection:

Gimme a sec on the files

Confused as to where to find a file with resource.Addworkshop exactly

  1. Can you post startup.bat?
  2. You need to create a new lua file in lua/autorun/server that contains resource.AddWorkshop lines. This will be used to send the workshop files to the player. Here’s a tutorial:
    Follow example 1.

This is the command line generated by ElpisHost

-norestart -console -game garrysmod -nohltv -condebug +maxplayers 16 +ip -port 27015 +map ttt_bank_b3 +gamemode terrortown -tickrate 66 -authkey [deleted auth key for security] +host_workshop_collection 166877296 +r_hunkalloclightmaps +exec “server.cfg”

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Also if I create that lua file, do I have to manually add a
resource.AddWorkshop( string workshopid )

for each addon or will that work for the whole collection?

For each addon.

I’m pretty much a noob at lua, and correct me if I am wrong but would I have to add that “if server” stuff at the beginning?

No, since you’re already putting it in lua/autorun/server. You would have to do that if you put it in lua/autorun.

Alright thanks! It worked!