Gmod TTT server settings

Hi I want to set players groups… they will be added to some group according how many hours they spend at server.So for example 10hours= beginner 100hours= maniac.And name of group will be showed at scoreboard behing name.Do you know how?

You need to add a new column ( easy with the new scoreboard ), and log how much time each player spends in the server. You can save the data via flatfile, SQLite, MySQL, or how-ever.

You’ll need to network the data if others are supposed to see the ranks ( network it once, and then just add CurTime( ) - jointime to their current time to see if they advance.

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thx… but I need more help… add new column where… Iam beginner

I think this is the guy that added the feature:

Here are some links:

Basically its just a hook.Add TTTScoreboardColumns to add new columns and data.