GMOD TTT Server ULX TTT Addon Lua Help

hi can anyone please help im having a problem with a popular ttt addon
with the Trouble in Terrorist Town ULX Commands at the dont show up in the !menu on my server it doesnt even show up under permissions and i just cant figure out how to make it work

here are some pics with arrows pointing to where it should be but its i have had it on my server before its 3 tabe 1 its ttt admin ttt fun and something else i cant remeber
um… sry i have no idea where to upload pics so i can add them here so here is a link to my google drive folder with pics

i found an error in console about the ULX TTT Commands addon here it is idk what serverstuff is…
i think im ognna try and delete it

[ERROR] addons/serverstuff/lua/ulx/modules/sh/ttt_admin.lua:1: unexpected symbol near '-'
  1. unknown - addons/serverstuff/lua/ulx/modules/sh/ttt_admin.lua:0
//  MODULE: ttt_fun.lua      //
[ERROR] addons/serverstuff/lua/ulx/modules/sh/ttt_fun.lua:1: unexpected symbol near '-'
  1. unknown - addons/serverstuff/lua/ulx/modules/sh/ttt_fun.lua:0
//  MODULE: ttt_voting.lua   //
[ERROR] addons/serverstuff/lua/ulx/modules/sh/ttt_voting.lua:1: unexpected symbol near '-'
  1. unknown - addons/serverstuff/lua/ulx/modules/sh/ttt_voting.lua:0

You literally just drop and drop into the addons folder and then follow the instructions
rcon_password blahblah
rcon ulx_adduser Roberito Superadmin


already done its not showing up

Put prints within the code to show that its loading. If its not either one of your addons is conflicting or you installed it incorrectly

how do i put prints in the code?

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i know like nothing about lua

[lua]print(“i am printing now”)[/lua]

the addons for my server that i uploaded to the addons folder are and then the addons i have on the workshop are and where do i put print just copy and paste at the bottum of the code or the top?