GMod TTT Weapon Issue

Hello, I have a custom SWEP issue.

Downloaded an MK17 weapon from the workshop, extracted it using GMad and installed it.

Everything works fine, however upon having a friend test the weapon with me, the World model was upside down.

From the first person point of view the weapon works fine, however other plays see the weapon upside down (like you are holding the entire weapon upside down in your hands)

Any ideas how to flip the model for other players?

Is it a custom world model? It could be that the .mdl is upside-down.

You wouldn’t happen to know how to fix that :confused:

Do not question his abilities.
And if it is upside down, most likely the model is actually upside down

Well how does one go about fixing that D:

I’m asking if you could please post the model/addon so I can SEE if the model is upside-down.

Yes here are all the files for the MK17 in a zip