Gmod Twilight Zone Episode 2

Here is another Twilight episode as promised.

Don’t forget to watch it in high quality!

man awesome lola t the jaws paradoy with drmatic medic

That was amazing, I wish I knew how you can change expressions, like the Heavy’s mouth moving while you’re filming though D:

It came. And so did I.

I’m just using the faceposer while recording.
I’m recording on the highest resolution so I can zoom in on the videoclip so you just can’t see the faceposer menu.

Woooah, I would have NEVER thought of that, that’s fucking genuis working right there o_0
The other thing I can’t work out is isn’t there usually a circle around the face you’re editing? Sorry to ask moar ifno, but you are a goddamned master at this :o

Ahaha, loved the part with Gordan watching TV.

Also, I could see flying cameras in the background in the store. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have the camera tool selected then there isn’t.

Yeah I know, too lazy to remove them.

Put a camera in front of a ragdoll. Use the camera view then you try moving the mouse while you have the faceposer tool equipped.
You can make the circle disappear completely.

Ahh, okay, I thought it was something like that, thanks a bunch man, hope you make more stuff, it’s seriously awesometastic :v:

It got a little random at the end, but I liked it.

Oh man this’ll be good


Yes it was

Much better intro then the first one.

Guy singing was the best.

I liked it, um what is the first song?

Do you mean the first intro song or the song that plays in the background in the best buy store?

5/5 brovo

Pills Strikes agian. Good job. Made me lol,

The one when the guy gets all actiony.

sebastiAn - walkman re-edit

It’s awesome.

Tried to make it look like real twilight zone intro.