Gmod Twilight Zone

I guess you can call this another random gmod video.
Unfortunately YouTube screwed up the brightness of the video a little so it’s a bit too dark at some occasions.

Hope it will bring some laughs and don’t forget to watch it at high quality.

goodjob man.


I’m thinking about making a sequel.

Please do!
“Pills here!”
“Hey man, that´s not cool!”

When you said that you could call it another random gmod video, I didn’t have high hopes, but this was a lot better than the avarage, good job and I hope you make more.

that was real funny

Nice that you used your same effect you praticed on.
Also The ballon cost 4000dollars lol

Thanks and I will probably make more.

You have to admit that it was a damn nice balloon.

It cost 4,000 Dollars…

I rofl’ed. ;D
Nice job Sarkias :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like it. Made me lol. :smiley:

Nice Video. Can you tell me which map you used in that Francis TV Spots Scene?

Niceeee i lold.

Much better than every random gmod video I ever seen. Sequel! Now!

The best video you have made, Sakarias.
I would look forward to a sequel [and I could hep XD]

That was frigging awesome, keep going

I was hoping for some more “twilight zoney” stuff, I was severly disappointed

I am working on Ep 2 now.


fuckin rocked