GMod UI - Scaling with Resolution?

I am unsure if there is a fix for this, but it’s very difficult to read anything on the UI at 4k resolution. This includes the main menu and all gametype huds.
Here is an example,

If there isn’t a fix is there a way Lord Garry could scale the UI?

Here are more examples I did a while back:

The font size is fine on my 4k monitor but the length between the names and the karma is ridiculous.

Yeah, that’s another big issue. I just sit decently far from my monitor so the font not scaling is an issue for me also.

If the code had used the ScreenScale function it probably would’ve been fixed

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yea I’d like to know how to use scaling as well.
Since I have a 4k monitor and a 1080p monitor (I have two monitors to multitask) and I run Garry’s mod in windowed mode,
in a higher resolution everything is so small and hard to read, using pac3 editor is almost impossible with this.
when I turn down the resolution for Garry’s mod it makes the window itself smaller as well and doesn’t help at all.

I have to turn down my entire desktop resolution what makes everything blurry…

I don’t think that Gmod devs can do anything about it since the source engine probably can’t handle UI scaling in the first place.