Gmod under attack + crappy WW2 picture!

“HOLD THE DAMN LINE!” -Super admin James T. Hawk’s last words

C@C please.

They need better posing

Posing is pretty terrible. Simple depth-of-field is ugly.
Smudging on the first picture? Looks pretty horrible.
TF2 muzzleflash in the second picture was a poor choice; emitters are there for a reason.

You couldn’t have been arsed to pose properly.
Have you never heard of GMod 10?
There’s a damn TF2 muzzleflash in the second pic.

The “smudge” in the first picture is motion blur…

And i have gmod ten…

I know exactly what it’s supposed to be. Don’t use smudge for motion-blur.

Take a look around to the pictures in this section…
Try to get close to their quality, post your pictures again, and listen to the critics here.
Or go to google and look for images and try to mimic them, or try to get a nice idea to pose.
Because right now you are kinda bad at posing.

ALSO never lasso stuff, use the select path tool, and work stuff on different layers.

Hey stop stealing my job >:C

It’s my job to make theories of WOTS in Garry’s Mod.

needs a lot of work

“They took your job!”

it is indeed crappy…

i didn’t use smudge i used the motion blur effect -_-

He is trying to say “Your motion blur sucks” gently.

What program are we talking about here? I have never seen editing software that makes such a horrible motion-blur effect.

“They took mah job!” the young player said in a redneck accent before pulling out his ak-47 from it’s sling… Then a blast of sound and light came from the hole of the barrel leaving the poster of this forum dead in a cold puddle of gibs and pixels.

Artistic ratings please?

Also, in WOTS the mingebags did not have any form of guns… Only the tripods carried minge-lasers. IF the admins were under attack by an RP resistance or Green Mafia it would begin too make sense.

This. Damn I loved WOTS, I even printed in on a DVD :v:

Hehe, just call me a WOTS fanboy.


Yeah Kevin

Go improve the posing and then post it
Because spamming the Screenshots forum with Moderate/Lazy poses isn’t going to make you any more respected

Go look on Google how people hold guns/idle/walk/run
Then you should go practice posing