Gmod unknown error.

Whenever i go to open Garry’s mod, it starts with the “Preparing to Launch…” screen and then it goes to blue screen with the little “Loading…” Icon in the bottom right, then it crashes right back to my Desktop. Help please i Really want to play this game again.

Go to your Garry’s Mod root folder (steamapps/common/GarrysMod), are there any .mdmp files there? If yes, put the two newest ones here and post the links.

Thank you, ill try it soon

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So when I go the the Dump Processor, could you please post some instructions as i have never done this before, thanks

Just click browse and navigate to the crah log. Then jus copy and post the link once you’ve uploaded it

Heres the next problem, i go to click upload and it redirects me to a page with “Missing File” in the top left

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And where am i supposed to post the link, sorry, im not really good at this kind of thing…

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And where am i supposed to post the link, sorry, im not really good at this kind of thing…

post the link to it here? the crash logs tell us what happened, post the link here so we can see what is wrong

Im sorry, what link? im not sure what link ur a refering too, do you mean the File Path or the Processor Link.

the link to the webpage after uploading the file

Thats not the problem, its the Fact that i dont know how to upload the File But here:

right after you upload the file, there is a webpage with expandable sections, give us the URL or that webpage

Go back before uploading the file, how do i upload, the instruction i had before weren’t very indepth

Just click the browse button and browse to the crash log?

Okay here’s what I’m Doing, going to the link that code_gs Sent me, then im clicking choose file, navigating to where the MDMP Files are, and While keeping that window open, it still says next to the “Choose File” button “No File Selected” while the MGMP window is open, then i click upload, after that it goes straight to the webpage that i sent to da space core.

you must upload the crash log first…

Okay thank you, now where can i find the Crash log, i have been looking for it in my root folder but there doesn’t seem to be one…

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Okay, ignore that, i found the page with the Expandable tabs, heres the Link:

Very informative.

What does that Mean?

Can someone tell me what the Above Means?

It means nothing, that’s the point. It’s crashing before it even starts to print anything in the console. I looked over your .dlls and I didn’t see an issue there either.

So what do you think could be the problem then, not enough memory? failing to gather the files it needs?