gmod unplayable as fuck :S

i guess most of you have the same shit problem of the memory crash right?
you play a map for a while a BAM! memory error window appears

Actually I can play Gmod for hours on end in single player with no crashes, I have never ran into a crash in single player. Now i have ran into quite a few memory error crashes lately when playing on a server (could be a plug in or addon that specific server is using), it it doesn’t happen on every server. If its happening in single player it could be a add on that you installed. If you haven’t installed any then i am at a loss for what to tell you

have you tried running very detailed maps?

Which map are you referring too,

But i have played in maps that have 3 or 4 sub maps, played city based maps (normally used in RP servers) in single player without fail. I dont think i have used a map that is from one of my other source games though.

Sometimes the UI gets super buggy and unresponsive and then crashes, but it’s happened… 3 times in the 35 hours I used Gmod for last week.

i used some very detailed maps from counter-strike and before the last update they worked fine no crashes and shit

Been playing Gmod for 5 years, never had any major GMOD crashes, only player related errors.

If you’re looking for a fix, I’m guessing either your RAM or GMOD ran out of memory to use, and the map is either too big for your computer or even the game.

If you posted the map, that could help us too.