Gmod update 100?

I was wondering… because the 100th update to Garrysmod is coming up, is Garry going to do some sort of event? Maybe a contest or a promotional video or something.

It is possible, but I think we’ll have to wait and see.

sure hope so!!!

maybe the mac version will finaly work!

GMod for the Mac

New menu UI

I don’t know whats Garrys going to do, but you can count on me to spawn the party balloons.

Pffft, 100th updates are so overrated.

Now, the one hundred and nineteenth update is the one to look out for.

Maybe it will be as awesome as the 100th TF2 update.

I hope it’s this.

Quite possibly, all depends if Garry has picked one from that thread he created.

we need a party to celebrate. A big, game wide party, With a pack of party entities :woop:

I`m pretty sure that alot of the servers will be doing that, though something really official would be awsome. :3: