Gmod update 101

What’s up in this update? I was just looking around at the TTT website, and on a post made two days ago they mentioned the releases of gmod update #101. I updated my server, and about 50 files were downloaded/changed.

What’s new?

the layout of Toybox, again…

i think

Actually, GMod doesn’t need to update to change ToyBox, for the most part. The entire interface is located on website, so Garry can make changes to the website without updating GMod.

Op’s avatar + update number. Am I the only one seeing the win here?

Yes, You’re the only one.

OPs Avatar fits.

[sp]Vault 101, Update 101, OPs avatar[/sp]

OHHH, I get it now :ms:
Mostly because I played Fallout 3 for maybe 2 hours.



Looks like thats changelog for 102 though



Ohh, I see what you did there :slight_smile:


Update 102!?

:wtc: x2

garry doesent make it like the tf2 updates.


Look at the last couple TF2 updates. Their huge!

Valve TF2 development team > one (1) Garry Newman