Gmod update 76 - Keeping it clean.

Try to keep your Gmod related complaints and other errors in here. Just trying to keep the forum clean and it also allows other people to view fixes etc. I’ll update this post if anything notable happens with any posts.

Please don’t post any flammatory comments in here (ie Garry sux, omg i h8 this game etc).


Before reading anything below, It appears Garry is planning to roll back the game update. Below is pretty much just old.


Otherwise, other statements that may be significant to some people.

[li] If you’re recieving an error along the lines of “Server uses different string tables”, The server needs to be updated.[/li][li]ULX / Evolve is currently in the process of being updated via their respective authors ( )[/li][li]Any vararg errors in the base files of Gmod are corrected as of next update: ( )[/li][li]Fix for some errors can be found here: ( Note: This only affects scripts that used Varargs).[/li][li]LuaSocket has broke (Explanation: )[/li][/ul]
[/release]For any news that I may not catch or see regarding Gmod specific updates, see the following places:


Otherwise enjoy your day.

Might be worth adding.

Thanks, added :slight_smile:

This too. :v:

Oh god, pretty much makes this entire thread useless. :v:

Yea, the update basically just messed up a bunch of servers in various ways. So now garry’s going back? Good :]

I just lost my god damn building because the game crashed then I couldn’t relaunch because of downloading the update!

This proves there is a god I prayed for gmod to be reverted and it did :smiley:

My chatlog when I read this:
02:37 - [:radioactive:RRP​:radioactive:]Dr.Nimbles: Damn garry.
02:37 - Vince: I know.
02:40 - Vince: Garry is awesome!
02:40 - Vince: He reverted the update.
02:40 - [:radioactive:RRP​:radioactive:]Dr.Nimbles: YAY!!

…I know logs normally sucks, but this one seemed somehow related, point being: Woohoo! :3:

Did they make hlss stop working on purpose?