GMod update breaks yet again?

I seem to be crashing on every join to any servers. not sure why… GMod broken for any of you others?

reinstalling steam
deleting hl2.exe
verifying cache files

Try this:
Go into your addon folder, and choose out addons you want to keep. Do this for specific materials and models as well. Make folders for them, and put the folders somewhere like your desktop.
Delete your (username)\garrysmod\garrymod folder.
Start GMod and try a server. If that doesn’t work, try deleting your (username)\garrysmod folder.

works for certain servers, just not mine now :confused:

Maybe something is configured wrong? By crashing, you mean “hl2.exe has stopped responding?”


That’s definitely a bad thing then. If you haven’t already tried asking on the STEAM forums, I’d try that. Maybe it’s an addon conflict. Try doing it w/o addons.

Its my server now… It doesn’t even start accordingly.

yea my server 2 same shit someone JOin hl2 crash -.- but worket fine THe update Comme i updatet ITs crashing hl2 if someone join :confused: help me plz i dont can contacht garry for that i need him

Im guessing (hoping) a translator was used here…