Gmod update broke my server (help)

Hi the Gmod Update on June 30th completley fked my server and IDK why.

Please explain what is going on with this update and is it something thats going to be fixed?

If not does this mean my gamemode is no good?

I reinstalled everything, with the newly updated gmod and still is causing the server to crash when I (or anyone) join

Thank you

You only need one thread, don’t post more.

no one???

What gamemode is it?

For goodness sakes, I’ve been eyeing your other thread, it’s clearly one of your addons or gamemodes, uninstall all of them and test a vanilla garry’s mod server.

Don’t you dare ask what vanilla is…

I like chocolate garrys mod servers better. :v:

why did the update break my gamemode??

It didn’t, it’s your addons, and even if it isn’t, the update ALWAYS breaks something, so we always just work around it.

OP needs to get a clue.


EXACTLY this. Take a lesson from this man, for he is truly wise and knows what he’s talking about.

Why? Because he only needs a little common sense to fix a simple problem that needs a simple solution.

I dont understand what that has 2 do with fixing this issue??

Addons sometimes mess up your game.

Go to your addons folder, and move everything in it out of your garrysmod folder and somewhere else.

Start up gmod and run a server without any of your addons. If it works now, try to find the addon that was causing the problem.

I always find it funny, I’ve updated my server 3 times yesterday and the day before because First the CSS update, Then Gmod and then TF2 And DoD i think it was, My gmod just updated thuough steam, And me and my friends are have no problems at all playing on my server. Why can’t people with problems just run the updater once?

Im not trying to run “a default gmod sevre” im tryna run a gamemode, if I remove the addons, the gamemode wont work… it has custom modules

does ANYONE have a solution?

As far as I can tell, the solution has already been posted in this thread.

What they want you to do is remove all your addons to narrow down what is causing your server not to work. If your server still refuses to work even on vanilla (or near-vanilla) GarrysMod, we’re a little bit closer to finding the solution.

More than likely the issue is he’s running a (leaked) custom gamemode that uses modules that need to be update. The official policy on support for leaked gamemodes is

“how am i supposed to update something that was leaked?”

this is not a “leaked gamemode” this is a custom gamemode I bought from the original coder. What you’re telling me, because of the update, I need to contact the original coder (which I will probably have to pay money for) and have him “update” the gamemode?

Yes you will.

and what exactlly do I have to have him update??

We wouldn’t know. Most likely the modules, since those are probably what’re breaking it. You would know better than us.

wait? you PURCHASED!! a GAMEMODE!!

Can’t you get in trouble for that?