Gmod Update messed up game

Ever since the 25th after around 4pm, I wasn’t able to get on any Gmod servers at all. I tried many different types and it instantly freezes on “Recieving client info” or something. Not “Sending client info” I think its right before that.
Anyway, it suddenly just stops on the last 5-10 bars and I have to either re-boot the computer or use task manager.

I cannot play gmod online at all. But singleplayer does

Please help! :frowning:

Mine freezes on Receiving client info, your suppose to wait for that. Wait 1-2 minutes, if it’s still not connecting then wait another 5 minutes. If nothing happens, reboot your router and disable any proxies.

Restart everything related to gmod lol, steam, everything, if that doesn’t do it, your computer, if that doesn’t do it, reinstall garrysmod, if that doesn’t do it, take the .gcf and extract it, if that doesn’t do it, you fail at life

I think I fail at life. Ill wait 30 minutes this time