Gmod Update Suggestions

I think it would be a good idea to make new Gmod updates downloadable, that way people that want the update could just download it, while those of us who don’t want these updates won’t have to worry about addons getting screwed up.

That could be useful, but then think about the fact that people might forget to download it or even not know…

Well, if a new one came out, people could just check which anounces the new updates.

I think they should have an archive feature, so you can downlaod little files, with everything from previous updates (which you can get on the gmod website.) and load it into gmod via a special folder.

that might be a better idea. (or some system to use a previous version)

Still, I think updates just need better stability.

just go to properties in garry’s mod in your steam games list, go to the tab “Updates”, then just select “Do not automatically update this game”, but this is not reccommended with multiplayer games, you would have issues when joining servers that have a diff. version of the game. Feel free to do it with single player games. eg. Modern Warfare 2: Single Player.

well yeah thats a good idea but there are alot more things to be updated hopefully a better source engine is made by valve like for HL2 EP3…