Gmod update trashed Gmod

A gmod update was released not too long ago and it seems to have affected Garrys Mod negatively, the HL2 episodes no longer work in Garrys Mod as well as their skins and npcs. This, of course affects the addons like Mad Cows weapons and the vehicle Jalopy.

Does anyone have a fix? My most obvious guess is to uninstall and reinstall everything, but lets be honest (doing that sucks).

Thanks guys!

Ok, well i don’t think thats happened to me but 50% of garrysmod updates do break stuff. If its an update then you’ll just have to learn to live with it.

But there are two other possible answers.

  1. You don’t have the games that you want the content for, or you havn’t select them in the “gmod menu”

  2. A addon is interfering.

I suggest you look into my first solution and tell me if that fixes anything for you.

I didnt add any addons so there shouldnt be interference from that, and in the gmod menu it said etc. was not available. I own these games and they are installed, what im going to try and do is erase everything and reinstall it all.

Yeah that just doesn’t add up. Try re-installing and tell us if it works.

Ok I reinstalled, no such luck, thanks btw for helping me figure this one out. heres what its saying
HL2 Episode 2 Not available
Half-Life source not available
Half Life Deathmatch Not available

Im going to delete all my addons, Ill get back to you if it fails

Edit: Wow over a gig of addons 0.0


Intriguing, it seems that after deleting 99% of my addons, the broken models are now working, but I still get the same message for the above programs.

I think I can live with not playing HL2 Episode 2 on garrys mod, im going to reinstall addons as I go, Ill let you know if I find one to watch out for,

Thanks for the help!

If this the same update that effed up the UI, and disabled the darma skin feature then yea it screwed up more then just HL2 and stuff. Whose brillent Idea was the Split between the Prop menue and tool menu. The reason I bring it up is because I play In 800 x 600 window, and any dereasing of size of anything is a problem. At least give an option to resize the menu. That would be an Intellegent thing to do. Either that or I think that It should be reverted back… as I usually do.

But thats just me. Why do people have to take something that works and break it. (Ie. Youtube)

And Is there a way to revert back. I really hope there is.