GMOD Update?

I just closed my game and it had to update… I see no news…? Is it just another dern source update?


SCRATCH THAT, Boots, then goes to 120k memory, but no Initialization and stuff (The little blue bar on start)


Gmod won’t boot, and DOD:S won’t update.

GG valve

It starts for me… Nevermind.

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Nothing there, but the 13th update for the beta to make me jelly.

GODDAMNIT the one day I need, NEED Garrysmod (school project that the rest of my team slacked on and are now relying on me to finish), it refuses to work. Fucking perfect.

.-. That sucks

Argh, right near the weekend. If it lightens you a bit up though, you have 1337 posts.

Stop tempting him to reply :L I got you a screenie though MrWhite:
No Writing:

Did you literally make a big deal about having “1337” posts, even to the extent of screencapping it? It’s just a number, and an overused piece of garbage number at that. If you honestly think “l0l 1337 1m so c00l” then you’re an immature 10 year old.


Works fine for me.