GMod update

Ok i had a gmod update the other day, my gmod was working fine no issues till that update, now i cant run gmod and no gmod servers show up in my list either. I did the update on my latop as well but it works on my laptop. Anyone know what i need to do to get gmod to work on my desktop?

Ok never mind, come to find out i cant play any steam games online at all, i can play these games in single player but not in multiplayer. I can’t even pull up the list of servers from any game either. Anyone else having this issue?

Reinstall Steam


1 Remove everything from the Steam folder but Steam.exe and steamapps

2 Start Steam

3 It redownloaded the files so maybe they are fine right now and you can play online

I did that already. lol Just cant play these damn valve games including GMod online.