GMOD UPDATES ISSUES: Disappearing Silencers and Weapon animations

Since gmod updates 79-82 my silencers have been disappearing off all of my m4 sweps. I am using mad cows Weapons 3.0 BETA and I have noticed that the ww2 machine gun animations, when deployed, begin to screw up. I am also using Zoey’s Mw2 weapon pack and every time I fire with ironsights, the animation screws up and reverts to its original position. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Uhm… Wait for another update.

That’s a issue with the sweps themselves.
The author of them needs to update them.

This has been happening with every single m4 swep I have and my insurgency weapons ironsights. I know its not any addons because I have removed all of my addons and only put in css realistic weapons 4.0. The problem is still re occurring

This is a known issue with Gmod itself. Just be patient wait until the next update.