Gmod Upgraded L85A2 Model

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had made or would be able to make the upgraded version of the L85 with rails, foregrip and Acog, here is a picture of what i mean.

The only version of the L85 I can find are the standard ones with green handguards and SUSAT scopes. It would be very appreciated if someone could do this for me.

I Have 2 things
1: Do u mean by a program for this Upgraded L85? Like 3DS Max? or Garry’s Mod or somthing?
2: If you do mean. Here look at this post

Battlefield 3 Character Models. Comes with the weapons / attachtments.

I meant upgraded as in this being the new variant of the L85, I want the one in the image i posted modeled, if you get what i mean?