[GMod] V-8 car 0-60 MPH

Here’s a Car with size 45 tires and a derpy V-8. It goes 0-60 in about 2.8 seconds and maxes out at around 70. It has plenty of torque/horsepower and is fun to drive.

Engine Specs:
Horsepower: 3506 hp @ 830 RPM
Torque: 33070 ft-lbs @ 20 RPM

Fuckin’ wire geniuses. Excuse me while I go hide in my poorly welded wooden hut.

A lot of power, but the powerband isn’t very smooth.

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This is Winston’s Boxer 12, an engine that so far has taken us to 110 mph with gearing down (1:4 ratio)

It will achieve 90 mph with 1:1, it seems most gmod engines are limited in power around 700 rpm.

Yeah that dyno picture i posted is pushing the engine to its breaking point causing a bit of spazz around 500 RPM. It was running 1/10 of that power while being tested on the chassis (2,000 thruster force as opposed to 19,000)