Gmod Vehicles

Hey guys.

So I have been working on a model for GMod. As some of you know I have plans to create a serious darkRP server, which will evolve into a cityrp like gamemode. I want to add custom vehicles (semi-tractors, cars, motorcycles, boats) and I have begun making a model. I ran into the following problem: How would I get the vehicles into gmod? What sort of coding would be required for them to function?

I would appreciate any help I can get. I just want them to run and function like for example the buggy…

Also, if you know how I could get the semi-tractor to be able to drop and pickup the trailer, that would be cool too, but it isn’t urgent.

Hi er, you’re meant to put this into this section.


Is it possible for it to be moved? IT was sort of hard to figure out what section…

Uh, just get a Mod to close it. :v:

Wow, Everyone wants to make a server that is just like CityRP <.<. My tip if you don’t know that answer just make a simple DarkRP. Or try using Google -_-

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O, And your not suppose to post in this place. You suppose to place this thread in “Help & Support” For this type of thread…

Yeah, the CityRP gamemode is nice… The staff aren’t… Thread was dying, and I was glad, since I have no clue how to get a mod to close it… THanks for bringing it back.